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‘NCIS’ Season 18: Will Gibbs, Sloane finally be together?

NCIS Season 18 will surely come after CBS renewed the show. However, it will only be a question of when and what will happen next to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the rest of the gang.

As this season will feature the 400th episode, fans expect it to be something special. So, will viewers finally see a real romance between Gibbs and Sloane (Maria Bello)? Also, will the NCIS Season 18 revisit the controversial episode about opioids?

A possible romance between Gibbs, Sloane

Gibbs and Sloane have been together for the past few seasons. However, they have yet to have "the real thing." Will the writers finally evolve their relationship this time?

According to CarterMatt, there is a big demand for the two's relationship. In fact, it is something that the show's long-time fans have been waiting to see.

The two characters bring something unique out of each other. Gibbs even seems to be excited to see a new part of himself at this point in his life with Sloane. Although he had a couple of love interests before, it's been a little while that he remained single.

It may also interest fans in seeing Gibbs with a colleague in NCIS Season 18. Although Sloane doesn't work under him exactly, they still have to explain Vance their relationship – that is, if it will finally happen.

It's quite evident that they have a thing for each other. So, it's now up to the show's writers if they will finally make them together.

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Revisiting past episodes

Meanwhile, in its 17 years on air, NCIS has produced a lot of controversial and iconic episodes. Now that it's about to reach its 400th episode, what fans can expect from NCIS Season 18?

CheatSheet reported that the new season might revisit the story of the opioid. The last time fans saw an episode about this was when Fornell needed help with her daughter, Emily, who suffered from an overdose.

Fornell became too emotional and desperate that he pointed a gun at a doctor to save Emily's life in NCIS Season 16 Episode 24. At the time, Gibbs helped search for the person who was distributing drugs to Emily.

In the previous season, he revealed that he was still helping Fornell. As he seemed to be brewing something, Sloane asked him about it but to no avail. So, by the looks of it, NCIS Season 18 may revisit the story of the opioid.

CBS has yet to announce the new season's release date. As the movie and TV productions are all on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains to be seen when NCIS Season 18 will be out.

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