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New ‘Kingdom Hearts Dark Road’ trailer relays details and game’s release date

The first trailer for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road has been revealed. The trailer contains more details of the game and its release date.

Square Enix released a mashup video containing the newest trailers for its hit Kingdom Hearts franchise. The trailer is for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, which ended with the announcement for its release date.

New trailer revealed

Square Enix had to delay Kingdom Hearts Dark Road from its previously planned release. The interruption happened because the developers were trying to save the game’s spring release.

Despite a few challenges along the way, the developers have somewhat managed to finally release Dark Roads a few days after the spring season.

Dark Road release date

Based on the trailer, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be released on June 22, 2020. The game will be available for Android, iOS, and Amazon users.

The presumption is that the release date is only for Japan, but this might not be the case. When Dark Road is released to the market, players can access it via the Kingdom Hearts Union Cross boot-up screen.

Digging deeper

The new trailer previously revealed Dark Road images into action. This means the trailer didn’t reveal anything new about the Dark Road’s gameplay. However, the trailer features a short voice over for Xehanort, which made it pretty interesting.

Moreover, the early seconds of the trailer reveal that Xehanort had spontaneous dreams about the Keyblade War.

The end of Union Cross

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross is allegedly entering its final stages soon. Fans theorize that the Union Cross’ end will most likely be intertwined with Xehanort’s dreams.

The game’s plot currently rolls around an infamous murder, which is being investigated by the Union’s leaders. Ventus, one of the leaders and Xehanort’s apprentice, is in the middle of the investigation.

Ageless Ven

The final story developments for Union Cross will determine how Xehanort will meet Ven. Players are speculating that Ven will fall into a coma, which makes him ageless.

This theory would explain why Ven managed to live a long life. In the Kingdom Hearts franchise story, Ven was still young and beautiful in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep – 70 years after the events of Union Cross.

Regardless of how he managed to survive, Union Cross’ inevitable end makes every Kingdom Hearts fan curious about the things that will happen in Dark Road. However, fans can only wait until the game’s release to fully understand its story.

Featured image courtesy of VTNVIVI/YouTube Screenshot

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