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Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce Rumors Resurfaced After Couple Was Spotted Fighting At Sydney Beach

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban divorce rumors have been making rounds in the cyberspace for quite some time already. Reports have it that the “Bombshell” actress and “Blue Ain’t Your Color” singer have been fighting a lot over distance and their conflicting schedules.

Recently, the split speculations have resurfaced anew after Nicole and Keith were, allegedly, seen to be fighting in public. Woman’s Day Australia reported that Nicole and Keith flew off to the Land Down Under for a vacation.

The couple was, reportedly, spotted on a beach somewhere in Sydney. While it was supposed to be a relaxing break for Nicole and Keith, the entertainment news publication claimed that “Moulin Rouge!” star was heard “mothering” the “Stupid Boy” hitmaker.

Witnesses told the outlet that Nicole Kidman was seen grabbing Keith Urban’s arms while the latter tried very hard not to shed a tear in front of many people. It remains unclear what fueled the pair’s heated encounter.

However, sources close to the couple revealed to the magazine that Nicole and Keith have been feuding about their schedules lately. “Nic insisted they come to Sydney for Christmas, given it’s pretty much a tradition even though she could only squeeze a few days out of their schedule and still insisted he came along – it’s a huge trip to make from their place in Nashville, regardless of if you’re flying first class like they do,” a tipster said, via the Jan.

13 issue of Woman’s Day Australia. “Keith, in particular, has had a horrific schedule recently and the jet lag nearly killed him. He begged her to stay in Nashville for Christmas since he’s performing there on New Year’s Eve, but she wouldn’t hear of it,” it went on.

In April 2018, New Idea claimed that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are getting a $413 million divorce even after the pair, allegedly, underwent marriage counseling. The publication even reported that the “Eyes Wide Shut” actress was seen entering a divorce lawyer's office, which added fuel to the split speculations.

However, in Oct. 2019, Nicole shut down all the divorce rumors when she posted a sweet birthday message for Keith on Instagram.  “Happy Birthday Keith Lionel.. you are so loved ❤❤❤,” the “Destroyer” star posted, along with a photo of them together.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have yet to comment on Woman’s Day Australia’s most recent report about them. 

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