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Nicole Richie, Joel Madden Headed For A Divorce Over Her New TV Show?

Are Nicole Richie and Joel Madden really headed for a divorce over her upcoming TV show? That’s what one of the tabloids is claiming.

Richie is starring in a comedy series titled Nikki Fre$h for the digital platform Quibi, which launches next month. The show is based on the fashion designer’s rapper alter ego.

According to OK! Australia, Richie’s marriage is now hanging by a thread because her husband can’t handle looking after their two kids while she’s busy working.

“You see it so often in Hollywood,” a supposed source tells the magazine. “When a woman steps back out after dedicating years raising her babies, her husband – especially if he’s famous in his own right – often can’t cope with being left to do the school run.”

The unreliable source continues, “Joel was all for her getting back out into the workforce, but the reality has been hard for him to cope with. He was hoping he’d have some spare time to write new music but there’s no way that’s happening. His frustrations have boiled over and they’ve been bickering more than ever.”

The suspicious tipster continues, “The romance is all but gone. Nicole never thought this could happen to them, but it’s crept up… if they can’t get through this rough patch, things could get very nasty for them, especially when it comes to money and the kids.”

The outlet’s premise makes very little sense. Richie has been a fashion mogul for more than a decade. The former reality star launched her lifestyle brand House of Harlow 1960 back in 2008, while managing motherhood along the way.

In fact, it’s very likely that building and managing a successful brand takes up more time and energy than shooting a TV series. The tabloid’s faulty article makes zero mention of Richie’s career as a fashion designer.

Meanwhile, Madden shared an Instagram photo last month of a Rolling Stone article about Richie’s rap album, which will be accompanying her new show.


That’s right – in addition to making a TV series about her rapper alter ego, she’s recording an album on the side. OK! Australia doesn’t seem to be aware of this project – just as it doesn’t to be seem aware that Richie has not been sitting at home with her kids for several years.

Regardless, Madden decided to promote his wife’s side gig, which she’s juggling along with a part-time acting gig and a full-time job as a fashion entrepreneur. She’s also a dedicated mom, and Richie and Madden have successfully balanced their careers and parenting since their first child was born in 2008.

The idea they’re suddenly having issues over her working on a TV show is ludicrous. A source close to the couple confirms to Gossip Cop that the outlet’s report is baseless.

Earlier this month, Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer for falsely claiming Richie’s germaphobia was causing problems in her marriage. That story was also absurd. The happy spouse are going strong.

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