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‘One Piece’ chapter 983 spoilers: Yamato’s reveal, Ulti’s devil fruit

‘One Piece’ chapter 983 spoilers are here. And as expected, fans are looking into the details ahead of its official release.

One Piece chapter 983 is set to be released this weekend. After the events from the previous chapter, fans are looking forward to know what will happen next.

Fortunately, the spoilers came out earlier than expected. In fact, according to Staw Hat Manga, it got leaked on the same day as the latest chapter.

Chapter 982 quick recap

As a refresher on what happened in the previous chapter, here’s a quick recap of chapter 982.

First, Kanjuro delivers Momonosuke to Kaido and Orochi. Marco’s message to Luffy is shown, but it was discarded by Nekomamushi.

Denjiro’s troops separate into two teams while Usop Chopper fled from Big Mom. Luffy came across Ulti and Page One.

Chapter 983 spoilers

So now that the spoilers have arrived, it’s time to find out what’s coming up next in chapter 983. The source noted that there is no title reveal, but the cover story features Lola and Chiffon being introduced to their birth father Pound.

The incoming chapter is also expected to talk more about Yamato, who has been the subject of discussion for the last few chapters.

Everyone is curious about who Yamato is and how he looks, and now finally, creator Eiichiro Oda is ready to make a face reveal.

Fans will finally get some answers to the mystery behind Yamato and why Kaido is so passionate about finding him and bringing him to the castle.

As noted in the spoilers, Yamato will suddenly appear in front of Luffy and Ulti. He is seen donning an Oni demon mask and then attacking Ulti.

Yamato also refers to himself as Boku, and he picks up Luffy from there before escaping the beast pirates.

Luffy and Yamato come face to face, and the latter tells the former that he has been waiting for him for so long.

Moreover, the upcoming chapter will also have Ulti eating the Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Zoan devil fruit. Meanwhile, Perospero is heading towards Onigashima Island on his own.

He will be using his Candy ability to move on water. He is unhappy about the alliance, so he will be moving to the island to meet Big Mom and provide her all the details.

As for Prometheus, he is chasing Nami while Zeus is scared that if he returns to Big Mom, he might get killed.

Chapter release date

Fans can expect to read the manga series’ chapter 983 on Sunday, June 21. It will be officially available on the Viz website as well as in the Shonen Jump app.

Stay tuned for more One Piece chapter 983 updates.

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