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‘Overwatch 2’ priced as full game according to listing

Overwatch 2 is Blizzard’s most anticipated title currently, but it seems like the release of the game is still far off. Although the reveal is still probably far away, it seems like the game is already under some controversy courtesy of a recent leak.

Blizzard is taking a different approach with Overwatch 2 as a sequel to one of its games. When it was revealed, Blizzard says that the upcoming title will integrate into the current version of Overwatch. This means all players from the game will be transitioning to the sequel, but only those who buy the actual game are going to access certain content.

As this is the structure, many consider the upcoming title as an expansion instead of a full-on sequel. However, a recent leak reveals that the game will be at full price when it launches.

Priced a full for all consoles

Blizzard’s follow-up to Overwatch will most likely be available for the PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and the Switch – that is, according to a recent listing on GameStop Germany. It confirms that the game will be available on all next-generation consoles and the Switch.

However, it also confirms that Overwatch 2 will be priced at €70.77 or approximately $80.58. This means that the game will be priced the same as Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of Us 2, and other major releases.

While it shouldn’t be a big deal, players aren’t going to be happy about this as the content in the sequel isn’t actually as big as a full game. At least according to what we know so far.

What comes with the sequel?

According to Blizzard, players who buy the sequel will have access to the story missions in the game. Those who don’t buy it will still have access to the new maps, characters, and modes that are coming. This means that players who don’t buy the sequel are only going to miss out on the story missions.

So far, Blizzard has revealed quite a load of story content for the game, but we’ve yet to see just how much of a campaign is there for the next game.

Fans are concerned at exactly just how much Blizzard is putting into the sequel, but is the current pricing is true; then fans are certainly going to be unhappy about Overwatch 2. Hopefully, there’s something more to the game that makes the full price worth it.


Image used courtesy of PlayOverwatch/YouTube

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