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 ‘Persona 5 Royal’ deleted scene reveals group party at Skytree

In yet another case of datamining, Twitter user and dataminer, pan-hime, has uncovered another scene in Persona 5 Royal which did not make into the final build of the game—this time, a scene involving the rest of the gang at the Skytree.

Like previous datamine cases, the dug content came from the Chinese build of the game.

Coinciding the reveal is an English video translation of the said scene by YouTuber, Faz.

At a High Place

As per pan-hime, the cut off event would have been triggered at exactly August 21 based on the game's calendar.

The event takes place soon after the group's successful infiltration of Futaba's palace. In it, it shows the Phantom Thieves at their casual selves within the Skytree's highest floor, overlooking the vistas across Tokyo.

Ryuji being ‘Ryuji' displays his usual funny self by displaying surprise of being inside one of Tokyo's skyscrapers. Only to shift his rather superficial glee to a concern involving Medjed and ‘its' sinister plan of ‘cleansing' the city.

In agreement with Ryuji are the rest of the group who themselves appear concerned about not hearing from or about Medjed. Makoto subsequently re-affirming the situation by checking on her phone, only to found nothing indeed.

Enjoy the Night

Not wanting to spoil the fun of the moment, Ryuji detracts everyone's attention by reminding everyone of how they got into the place. That is, out of the generosity of a certain ‘Boss' who gave them the tickets. The Boss, is an indirect allusion to Sojiro, Café LeBlanc's manager, Futaba's adoptive father, and Joker's temporary guardian.

But not to take ahead of himself, however, Ryuji asks the protagonist if he agrees to the same notion, too. To which most players will likely agree on, thereby making everyone in the group set aside their worries and just enjoy the night.

Possibly, a Single Route Scene

However, given the demo in the video, there is no telling if there's an alternative route on the same event if Joker disagrees with Ryuji. It is likely, however, that the result would have been just a matter of changed script and still ends to the same result.

It is yet uncertain why Atlus did not include the scene with the final version of the game. But suspicion is strong that it has something to do with Futaba's mother's date of death, which is the exact same day that the event is held. Something that Sojiro might not like to entertain as ‘celebration-worthy' given the circumstance that he's fully aware of.

Image used courtesy of Faz/YouTube Screenshot

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