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‘Persona 5 Royal’ deleted scene shows White Day Harem date prep

Twitter user and dataminer, pan-hime, has come across yet another scene in Persona 5 Royal that did not make into the final build which shows a scene involving Joker and Sojiro in a discussion on how to prepare for the upcoming White Day event.

Like former datamine-based leaks of the game, this particular event came from the Chinese build of the game.

And like previous footage, credit goes to Faz for showing an English translation of the said event.

As per pan-hime, the deleted scene should automatically take place on March 13.

Same, But Different

The event was intended as an alternative to a similar event seen in the True Ending route. But with the critical importance that the event is triggered by following the Bad Ending path.

That means that those who have seen White Day via the True Ending route would see similar things here. That is, Sojiro kickstarting a conversation with Joker asking him how prepared he was with the upcoming White Day event.

However, the Bad Ending variant comes with a few alterations.

Unlike the one seen officially in the final build, Morgana in human form makes for a surprising presence in the event. Sitting in the exact same chair as he did in the official event.

Another notable difference would be Morgana's allusion to an event that's also removed from the official build. Also, an event borne from Joker's acceptance of Maruki's false reality—the deleted Valentine's Day harem scene.

While not necessarily becoming a part of the original discourse, Morgana's presence and reaction make for an obvious note.

Take it from a Pro

Nevertheless, the real highlight of the event remains between Sojiro and Joker still. With the former offering the clueless romantic how to approach the event with a date.

To coincide the event from the cut off harem Valentine's Date, Sojiro also appears aware of Joker multi-timing in the relationship. But to continue the ‘illusion' created by Maruki, Sojiro seems to subtly encourage the situation.

Closing the said event, Sojiro remarks about going on sushi during White Day. To which Morgana (human form) responded with glee, similar to his usual reaction to the same thing as a cat.

This deleted content makes only a small part of the many others, which did not see inclusion in the final build. Like those other contents, it seems that the idea is that Atlus is experimenting on creating alternative events seen from the True Ending.

Image used courtesy of Faz/YouTube Screenshot

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