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Prince Andrew Allegedly Caught Fleeing Britain Amid Sexual Abuse Scandal

Prince Andrew was allegedly caught fleeing Britain to escape prosecution for his role in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal. According to Globe, the Duke of York reached the end of his rope so he decided to flee the country and head to Qatar.

A source told the tabloid that the members of the Scotland Yard intercepted Prince Andrew when they saw him boarding his private jet on his way to Qatar. The insider claimed that the Scotland Yard has been quietly tracking Prince Andrew’s every move. After all, there are fears that he would flee to prevent the FBI from investigating his involvement in Epstein’s case.

“They were tipped by diplomats who had informed The Crown about Andrew’s negotiating with Qatar officials. Apparently, he has many ties to the tiny nation, which has the world’s highest per capita income. He could live there in luxury – and as an honored guest because Qatar was once a key playing in the British empire,” the source said.

According to the source, Prince Andrew’s attempts to flee the United Kingdom failed after he was confronted by lawmen. The insider also claimed that Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband has not been prepared to cooperate with the investigations. In fact, at least three formal letters were sent to his address in London but he has not responded to any of them.

“As time passes, Andrew’s denials have an increasingly hollow ring – even his own family doesn’t believe him. He’s been removed from all official royal duties and put out to pasture in disgrace.

The palace fears videos recorded by secret cameras on Epstein’s many estates could be the final nail in Andrew’s coffin. He could face conviction in the Epstein matter in both America and Britain. He’s behaving like a coward – so it’s no surprise that he tried to run!” the source said.

However, the claims made by the tabloid should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, Prince Andrew didn’t try to flee the United Kingdom. The tabloid purposely published a photo of Princess Beatrice’s dad riding his private jet to suggest that he was trying to leave the UK for good. However, he was simply traveling elsewhere.

There have been reports suggesting that Prince Andrew has refused to cooperate with the FBI. But the dad of two has also been adamant at saying that he isn’t involved with Epstein. He has also denied all the sexual abuse allegations against him.

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