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Prince Edward Shockingly Told Reporter To ‘Shut Up’ After Being Asked This Question

Prince Edward has been staying out of the limelight for months. But when he was much younger, he used to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. During a previous interview with Radio Times, the dad of two was asked about his four-year relationship with Sophie, Countess of Wessex. At that time, rumors were swirling that Prince Edward and Sophie would soon tie the knot. However, this didn’t happen until 1999.

When the reporter asked Prince Edward if they could expect a wedding announcement soon, he urged the reporter to shut up. “If you shut up, mind your own business, and let me do it when I want, it’s much more likely to happen. The more people second-guess, the less likely it is. I just won’t do it,” he said. Meanwhile, this wasn’t the only time that Prince Edward appeared to be angry during his interview. In 1987, Prince Edward launched the “It’s A Royal Knockout,” and the show was dubbed as disastrous.

In the book “Prince Edward,” royal author Ingrid Seward said that discussions about the show are a sensitive topic for Queen Elizabeth’s youngest child. “‘It’s a Royal Knockout’ remains a sensitive subject with Prince Edward. When I mentioned the program to him, I happened to call it ‘disastrous.’ In a voice edged with irritation, he quickly interposed: ‘It wasn’t disastrous,’” she said.

Prince Edward then asked Seward how she could call the show disastrous considering that it was able to rake in a million pounds for charity. But the royal author said that not only was it disastrous for her, but the members of the royal family also shared the same sentiments.

In the Channel 5 documentary “Scandals at the Palace,” royal expert Richard Kay said that the Queen Mother was particularly incensed by the show. Prince Edward’s great grandmother felt that he was able to set the entire royal family to be complete laughing stocks.

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