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Prince Harry Reportedly Can’t Keep Using Princess Diana Sob Story

Prince Harry reportedly needs to find his footing while living in Los Angeles with Meghan Markle.

While speaking with Radio New Zealand, royal editor Russell Myers talked about Prince Harry and Markle’s plans in the United States. He said that most of the royal couple’s plans are up in the air due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But once things go back to normal, Myers is confident that the Duchess of Sussex won’t have a hard time. Prince Harry, on the other hand, could struggle because life in the United States is very new for him.

According to the royal editor, Prince Harry would be leaning on Markle and the latter’s success as an actress in Hollywood. In recent years, the Duke of Sussex has been sharing his struggles with mental health following the death of Princess Diana.

But Myers couldn’t help but wonder for how long Prince Harry would do this. Since he’s done it so many times in the past. The royal editor also said that he doesn’t know how many strings Prince Harry has to his bow.

And while Markle is very adaptable, Prince Harry needs more time to get used to their new life. Myers said that as a couple, Prince Harry and Markle could be a tour de force. But as individuals, the Duke of Sussex still needs to find his niche.

Meanwhile, there have been claims that Prince Harry and Markle are having problems in their marriage. Tabloids suggested that the couple is fighting over money because they have too many things to pay for.

New Idea went as far as taking the couple’s alleged marital problems a little too far. They said that Markle is upset with how Prince Harry dresses. The Suits alum allegedly doesn’t like that her husband always wears the same grey shirt and a baseball cap.

Markle, who has been working in Hollywood before she married Prince Harry, allegedly wants to introduce her husband to high-profile individuals. But she can’t do this because of the way he dresses.

However, one should take the absurd claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Prince Harry and Markle have been together for four years and married for two. It is unlikely for the latter to have an issue with how the former dresses.

And even though Prince Harry isn’t a celebrity, he’s a member of the royal family. He grew up with enough knowledge on how to dress and what to wear on different occasions.

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