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Prince Harry Reportedly Has This ‘Good Reason’ For ‘Stepping Back’

Obviously, the internet is still imploding over the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are stepping back from their role as senior royals. And while the palace is working to figure out what their new roles might look like, there's still a ton of speculation as to why Meghan and Harry decided to step down.

Earlier this week, Harry’s friend Tom Bradby shared his take on the situation, saying that Harry and Meghan decided to leave the royal family due to "really bad personal splits." Tom shared that, "from Harry and Meghan’s point of view, they’re just being driven out, as they see it. And it's sad."

And just yesterday another one of Harry's friends, JJ Chalmers, shared his take on the Sussexes' announcement. While on The One Show, JJ shared, "The decision that he has made, at the forefront of that is to protect his family, because that’s the number one rule is to be a father and to be a husband." He then elaborated, saying:

Any husband wants to protect their wife, and any father wants to protect their children. Particularly when he's a very principled individual, and so when he looks at how the media, for example, reacts and how social media talks about someone, he has to answer to his son one day when he begins to understand this and be able to look him in the face and say, ‘I made the right decision, and I did right by you.' And ultimately, he grew up in the limelight and he knows how this can end if it's not handled correctly.


TBH, it sounds like both of these reasons could be why Harry and Meg are stepping down, though we probably won't know for sure until one of them writes a tell-all memoir—which I hope comes very, very soon!

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