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Prince Harry shock: Hair loss reportedly doubled after marrying Meghan Markle

Prince Harry is suffering from serious hair loss and it, reportedly, doubled after he married Meghan Markle. So, he is predicted to go bald in a few years.

Prince Harry has been photographed with a bald spot in the past. Meghan Markle’s husband did not mind it until he was with the duchess. Hair experts agreed that he could go completely bald in the next few years.

Prince Harry lost more hair after marrying Meghan Markle

According to Daily Star, Prince Harry was “balding rapidly” after he tied the knot with Meghan Markle. In fact, his bald patch has doubled in size.

One expert even predicted that Prince Harry would soon be like his big brother, Prince William.

“There has been a significant acceleration of his baldness in the last year, and Harry is now losing his hair as rapidly as his brother William,” Dr. Asim Shahmalak from Manchester’s Crown Clinic said.

“If he does not take action now, he faces suffering from advanced male pattern baldness like his brother in his forties and beyond.”

Prince Harry could go bald in less than five years

Prince Harry and Prince William both suffer from male pattern baldness. They have reportedly inherited this from the Windsors. Prince Charles and Prince Philip are experiencing the same.

Hair loss expert Spencer Stevenson predicted that Meghan Markle’s husband would be completely bald in less than five years.

“In my expert opinion, Prince Harry has maximum 2-5 more years until he is almost completely bald on top, unless he takes action now,” he told Daily Star.

Duke could be wearing hair concealer

Stevenson believed that Prince Harry was desperate to hide the thinning of his scalp by wearing hair concealers. He suspected that the royal had been wearing concealers since his wedding to Meghan Markle to give the impression that he had thicker hair.

“It’s very likely that he’ll be trying different styles, but for certain events, he might even wear concealers such as Nanogen,” the hair guru continued.

Meanwhile, Shahmalak felt that the Duke of Sussex didn’t mind the hair loss. The royal is too happy with his married life and couldn’t care less about his thinning hair.

“The last year has been wonderful for Harry. While marital happiness does not bring about any hormonal changes which would affect hair loss, research shows that men in settled relationships tend to do less to disguise their baldness,” he explained.

“It reflects nature and the need to find a partner. Once that goal is achieved there is slightly less incentive to cover up hair loss.”

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