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Prince Harry’s Biological Dad Allegedly Not Prince Charles But This

Prince Harry’s biological father is allegedly not Prince Charles. As such, the heir to the throne was not named as one of Archie’s godfathers.

According to National Enquirer, Prince Harry is the son of Mark Dyer, his former mentor. An unnamed senior aide allegedly told the tabloid that Prince Harry not picking Prince Charles as Archie’s godfather was so explosive for Buckingham Palace.

The source claimed that the royal family has done everything that they can to make the world believe that Prince Harry's real dad is Prince Charles. However, the two royals look nothing alike. 

According to the insider, the royal family has a lot of secrets. However, Prince Harry’s real father has been the biggest cover-up of all.

The insider also said that Prince Charles knows he isn't the biological father of Prince Harry, and he has confronted him. During their confrontation, Prince Charles lashed out at the Duke of Sussex by telling him that he's not one of them. He also allegedly told Prince Harry that he doesn't have an ounce of royal blood. 

Following the alleged confrontation, an enraged Prince Charles allegedly threatened to disown the Duke of Sussex and strip him of his title. Since Prince Harry is not a royal, his commoner wife, Meghan Markle also lost her title.

However, the claims made by the tabloid are 100 percent fabricated. Prince Charles is Prince Harry’s biological father. But since the two male royals don’t look exactly alike, there have been countless rumors suggesting that Prince Harry has a different dad from Prince William.

Gossip Cop has been adamant at saying that this isn’t the case. And the rumor-debunking site also said that Prince Charles and Prince Harry never had a confrontation regarding the latter’s paternity.

Prince Harry and Markle’s titles couldn’t be stripped off by Prince Charles because they have already been stripped off by the Queen when the couple announced their Megxit.

It is also unlikely for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to have any qualms regarding their titles because it was their choice to quit The Firm. Prince Harry has made it clear that the safety and security of his wife and son are of utmost importance.

Archie’s godparents remain unknown. It is a common practice among the members of the royal family to not reveal the names of a newly baptized baby’s godparents to the public. After all, their security is also important.

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