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Prince Philip Loves The BBC Sitcom The Royle Family

Would you believe that Prince Philip is a huge fan of the popular BBC show, The Royles? A source no less than Queen Elizabeth has confirmed it, saying her husband “loved” the comedy.

Apparently actor Ricky Tomlinson, who plays Jim Royle, told his co-star Ralf Little that Queen Elizabeth herself said her husband was a fan of the program.

Prince Philip Likes The BBC Comedy The Royles

Tomlinson said the Queen told his lookalike, Will Williams, that Prince Philip was a fan when he talked on the pair’s new show, Ricky and Ralf’s Very Northern Road Trip.

Williams is a charitable fundraiser who received a medal from the Queen at Caernarfon Castle.

Tomlinson noted, “I told you about my lookalike, his name’s Will and he’s from mid-Wales. And as she’s putting the medal on his coat, or whatever it is, she’s said to him, “I don’t watch your programme, but my husband loves it.’”

Who Is Ricky Tomlinson’s Lookalike, Will Williams?

In case you weren’t aware, Williams has used his similarity to Tomlinson in order to raise huge sums for various charities, including Guide Dogs for the Blind and Ysgol Pendalar for autistic children

Also, the queen is said to have said the same thing to Caernarfon mayor Hywel Roberts when he introduced her to Williams in 2010.

Speaking to The Mirror, Roberts said Her Majesty brought up the show by saying, “is it about a man in a vest sitting on a settee? And then Will said, ‘Oh, you watch it, Your Majesty?’ And she very quickly said, “I’ve seen it… once.’”

Ricky Tomlinson’s Lookalike Will Williams Has Used His Notoriety To Raise Money For Charity

Williams was lucky enough to meet Tomlinson in 2006 in Llandudno, the town infamous for its wild goats.

Prince Philip Has A Milestone Birthday Coming Up Soon

As for Prince Philip, the avid Royles watcher is set to have a significant birthday next Wednesday. At that time he turns 99-years old and plans to celebrate by having a simple lunch with the Queen. Philip is reportedly said to be, “characteristically taciturn,” about his birthday and is not expected to make a fuss over the special day.

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