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Prince Philip’s Heartbreaking Confession: Duke Disappointed When Queen Elizabeth Took Over Throne

Prince Philip was disappointed when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned the new monarch.

The Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen have been married for over 70 years already, They share the strongest marriage in the royal family. However, the duke made a heartbreaking confession that showed what he lost for marrying the monarch.

Prince Philip was further down the line of succession to the Greek crown. Thus he was given the freedom to explore what he wanted and he joined the Royal Navy.

Prince Philip enjoyed it and served in the navy until his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned the new monarch. The Duke didn’t hide "his disappointment when his wife took over the throne” because it ended his own career. 

“Well, I mean, how long is a piece of string?” Prince Philip said in a 2011 interview on ITV. “I  don’t know how difficult it was, it was naturally disappointing.”

In the interview, Prince Philip shared how difficult it was for him to end his blossoming career.  According to the duke, he was just starting, but he ended up quitting because he had to be the Queen’s consort.

Prince Philip started his naval career in England prior to World War 2. He was keen to continue his naval training and fight on the side of his home, England, even if three of his surviving parents married Germans and were living in Germany. He became a first-rate seaman and an outstanding naval officer who was very good in war. 

Prince Harry’s move to step down was a massive blow to his grandfather because the Duke of Sussex was named the new Captain General of the Royal Marines following Prince Philip’s retirement.

But Prince Harry was forced to give up his military duties following his and Meghan Markle’s resignation. According to an insider, Prince Philip is considering his daughter Princess Anne to fill the position.

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