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Prince William Made One Promise To Kate Middleton’s Parents Years Ago

Prince William reportedly made a promise to Kate Middleton’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton years ago.

During an interview with The Telegraph, royal expert Phil Dampier said that the Duke of Cambridge assured his wife’s parents that he would always protect Middleton.

Prince William also told her in-laws that he won’t let what happened to Princess Diana happen to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Even before Prince William and Middleton tied the knot, the former already proved to Michael and Carole that he meant what he said. In 2007, Middleton struggled to stay away from the paparazzi that tried to take her photo.

At that time, rumors swirled that Prince William would propose to Middleton on her 25th birthday. So, on the day of her birthday, the future queen stepped out of her apartment only to find a group of photographers waiting outside her home.

Shortly after the incident, Prince William released a statement urging the paparazzi to leave his girlfriend alone. Prince William also stressed the fact that Middleton is not a royal so she deserves to live a private life.

Years later, Prince William once again showed how protective he really was of Middleton when he filed a lawsuit against two British tabloids. The paparazzi took half-naked photos of Middleton while she was vacationing with Prince William and had them printed on the cover of the tabloids.

Meanwhile, Middleton has also done wonderful things for Prince William. Other than giving her husband three adorable children, Middleton is also the one responsible for trying to give their family a normal life.

And before their wedding, Prince William also told his in-laws that he would try his best to give Middleton a normal life.

Prince William has always been close to Michael and Carole. In fact, there was a time when the Duke of Cambridge rested his head on his mother-in-law’s lap while visiting them in their home.

Michael and Prince William also enjoyed doing a slew of activities together. In fact, Prince William’s closeness to his in-laws meant that his children got to spend more time with them than their other grandparents.

Shortly after Prince George’s birth, Prince Charles complained about not being able to spend much time with his eldest grandchild.

By the looks of it, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have all developed a close relationship with Prince Charles and Camilla over the years.

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