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Truth About Prince William Telling Andrew He’s ‘Killing’ Queen Elizabeth; Duke ‘Disowned,’ ‘Penniless’

Prince William has allegedly accused Prince Andrew of killing Queen Elizabeth due to his ongoing sex scandal.

Radar Online recently claimed that the Duke of York has also been disowned by Her Majesty. And because of this, the dad of two is rumored to already be penniless.

The tabloid’s claims should be taken with a grain of salt because Prince Andrew has not been disowned by the royal family. In fact, he was recently spotted with Prince Charles and his other relatives on Christmas Day.

It is also unlikely for Prince Andrew to be penniless because the royal is reportedly worth an estimated $41 million. Even though Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband recently announced his retirement from his royal duties, he still has other sources of income.

Prince Andrew owns a Swiss chalet priced at an estimated $17 million. He also owns the Royal Lodge in Windsor Park. The Duke of York drives a Bentley, and he also has a chain of restaurants.

Meanwhile, the same tabloid also alleged Prince Andrew has been placed on a suicide watch, which is another unfounded claim. The Duke of York has not attempted to take his own life contrary to rumors, and he hasn’t also talked about suicide during his interviews.

In fact, it was Prince Andrew’s former friend, Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide. And just last month, Virginia Giuffre, who accused Prince Andrew of sexual abuse also denied the ongoing rumors that she’s planning to commit suicide.

“I am making it publicly known that in no way, shape or form am I suicidal. I have made this known to my therapist and GP- If something happens to me- for the sake of my family do not let this go away and help me to protect them. Too many evil people want to see me quieted,” she tweeted.


Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that Prince Andrew has been plagued with rumors. Earlier this week, the same tabloid claimed that Princess Eugenie’s dad abused Prince William and Kate Middleton after crashing Her Majesty’s staff party.

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