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Prince William’s Dim View Of Los Angeles – Justified?

According to reports, Prince William is more than a little worried about his little brother. That’s because fans of Prince Harry know that he’s been talking a lot to William since the two reportedly reconciled this year. In those conversations, apparently Harry has confided that he’s worried about the situation in Los Angeles.

Harry’s concerns might be valid considering the fact that there have been a ton of drone invasions onto the property, in which he and his family have been living recently. To date, it doesn’t seem the police have been able to do much about this serious breach of Harry and Meghan’s privacy and security. It also doesn’t appear that serious upgrades to home security and hiring a private security firm has helped much.

That, combined with the riots that have rocked Los Angeles lately following the death of George Floyd, have led Prince William to suggest that Prince Harry should take his little family and find a new place to live. William even suggested that perhaps Harry might want to take Meghan and his son Archie and just move back to London.

Of course, that’s not likely on Prince Harry’s agenda. Although some reports have indicated that Harry and Meghan feel worried about their overall security situation, there are no plans to return to Great Britain (yet).

With that said, some royal fans believe that Prince William may have a point. Los Angeles might be a great place for Meghan Markle to have the opportunity to revitalize her acting career. However, the city has historically been a flashpoint for racial tensions.

Meghan has done her part to speak out on the death of George Floyd and the issue of racism, but the fact remains that from the 1960s to the present, Los Angeles has seen riots following issues regarding police brutality.

For example, Harry and William likely have in mind the history of the city when they think about leaving … a history that includes an arrest for drunk driving in the Watts Riots of 1965, the beating of Rodney King by police in 1992, and now the George Floyd protests by groups such as Black Lives Matter.

Now, many American fans of the British royals might snort in derision at William’s suggestion considering the fact that it smacks of supreme hypocrisy. What makes William believe that London is any safer than Los Angeles?

Surely Prince William hasn’t forgotten the London Riots of 2011, has he? Surely William hasn’t forgotten that a series of riots rocked London between August 6 and 11th in 2011 in which there was arson, looting, mass deployment of police, and in which five people were killed.

Harry and Meghan just might have reminded Prince William of this fact when making the choice to remain in Los Angeles and America for the time being. The truth is, William may not have been thinking about any of that at all. It’s much more likely that Prince William was simply concerned for the overall wellbeing of his brother and his brother’s family.

Of course, fans know that’s only natural, and isn’t it also natural for William to believe that it’s simply safer for Harry and Meghan to be back in the place he believes is “home?” (Home is usually safer than in a far and distant land like America, right?) Thus, William’s sentiments are not likely intended as an insult to the people of Los Angeles or America.

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