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Princes William, Harry ‘At Fault’ For George, Archie’s Lack Of Relationship

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis don’t have a close relationship with their cousin, Archie. And this somehow being blamed on Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Rumors are rife that the Duchess of Cambridge wants her children to bond with Archie more. However, the Duchess of Sussex is trying to stop this from happening because she allegedly thinks that Archie’s cousins are “dirty.”

But according to conflict resolution expert Damaili Peterman, the royal cousins' lack of relationship has more to do with Prince William and Prince Harry. Since the royal siblings have not worked on solidifying the family unit, they have not also been setting a good example for their kids.

“They must have a strong bond so that Archie and his cousins grow up knowing each other and spending time together,” he told In Touch Weekly.

Peterman is also suggesting for Prince William and Prince Harry to communicate well with each other. They said not discussing the problems will just make their relationship even more strained.

The expert went on to say that Middleton and Markle if they are really feuding, should sort out their issues separately from their spouses.

Since Prince Harry and Markle will also be spending time in Canada, the conflict resolution expert said that Prince William and Middleton should consider visiting the royal couple and Archie there.

“Double down in a sense and decide if they’re going to be a strong family unit no matter what, and that the outside world won’t be able to break that bond,” he said.

Meanwhile, The Sun claimed that Prince William and Prince Harry had secret talks ahead of the latter’s move to Canada. After not seeing eye to eye for almost two years, the royal siblings reportedly agreed to work on their relationship, and they also discussed their future.

The source also said that the relationship between Middleton and Markle has also improved because they also took part in the discussions.

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