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Princess Diana Speaks From The Grave, Encouraging Meghan, Kate To Communicate, Psychics Claim

Princess Diana has reportedly spoken from the grave and has given Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a special message.

Psychic Twins Linda and Terry Jamison told Daily Star that they were able to talk to the spirit of the Princess of Wales, and she had some touching words for the Sussexes.

Princess Diana reportedly told Prince Harry and Markle that she has been watching over them with so much love. This is why the Princess of Wales is aware that the past year has been challenging for the royal couple.

“You will never fit into the ‘mold’ of the traditional royals, nor was I able to. You remind me so much of myself, Meghan. I was so naïve, like a babe in the woods, and much younger than you when I married Charles. If only being a princess could be like it is in the fairy tales… ,” Princess Diana reportedly said.

The late royal went on to encourage Prince Harry and Markle to trust their own judgment and to not pay attention to those people who are impossible to please. Princess Diana also said that the media will continue to try and find fault with their every action, but it would be best to channel their anger into creative endeavors.

At the end of the day, Princess Diana wants the royal couple to remember the importance of forgiveness. And she is also encouraging the Duchess of Sussex to talk things out with Kate Middleton.

“Do not hesitate to rely on the wise counsel of a professional if you need to. It concerns me that Will and Harry are not as close as they once were. You cannot please everyone,” Princess Diana said.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that the late royal has reportedly spoken from the grave. The Psychic Twins previously revealed that Princess Diana would attend Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding in the form of a butterfly.

Princess Diana also warned the royal couple against their son, Archie, growing up to be a rebel just like his grandmother.

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