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Queen Abdication: Prince William Dealing With Prince Andrew Scandal Once Queen Elizabeth Abdicates

If and when the Queen decides to step down from the throne, Prince William and Prince Charles will work with each other to reshape the palace. It had been an especially harrowing year, which put the palace at a tight spots several times. 

According to a Royal expert, Prince Charles and his eldest son are keen to work with Queen Elizabeth even if she already retires, so that the royal ship can be "steadied." 

Prince Andrew's friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile who reportedly committed suicide, is one of the challenges that the palace had to contend with so early this year. 

Adding to this already great challenge is the stepping of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from their senior roles. Rumors of Megxit started early as last summer, and the backlash and negative writeup shave continued to build up.

Then the coronavirus happened, wherein Prince Charles himself even got infected. The silver lining is that he got better, even at his high risk age.

Given all these, it has become apparent that the Palace is in a topsy-turvy. According to royal editor of the Daily Mirror, who spoken with the radio stations, RNZ, it is presently hard to know what is yet to take place up until the end of the year, but so far, the palace has been incredibly busy. This is why Prince Charles and Prince William will do their best to steady the ship and reinvent how they present themselves to the modern world, after the Queen steps down.

This does not mean they would not need her though. ""I think that Charles will definitely try to steady the ship, his relationship with William is fantastic and I think them two, alongside the Queen, will have some decision to make about how they present themselves in the modern world," he explained. 

The editor added that even without the challenges of this year, the palace has been an archaic institution or years now and truly need to change to stay relevant in the modern world. It might be deemed best by Prince William and Prince Charles to have a more slim down and realistic monarchy when Queen Elizabeth abdicates.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would have gotten the chance to. reshape the monarchy too if they did not step down. However, not only can they participate in that, they might also be facing a personal crisis on their own. Apart from the harrowing effects of coronavirus itself affecting generally everyone, the couple are personally feeling down because all of their LA plans have gone awry.

Prince Harry in particular, is now feeling the brunt of him leaving the royal life because it is a life that he was born to ever since. He even allegedly told some friends that he feels like going with Meghan Markle to LA to pursue their acting dreams is now a big mistake. He misses his British Navy friends and could not believe how much his life has changed.

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