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Queen Elizabeth Criticized For This During Coronavirus Pandemic

On Wednesday, it was announced that Prince Charles had tested positive for COVID-19. Since then, the Prince of Wales has opted to self-isolate as a way to mitigate the potential harm that could be inflicted upon others.

As it is likely that many see that step as beneficial considering the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak, some royal fans are not as happy with his mother Queen Elizabeth II's response to the ongoing pandemic.

According to Express, royal expert Victoria Arbiter recently discussed how the public has viewed Her Majesty's actions throughout the last few months.

When appearing on the "Heir Podcast," Arbiter said that many find a sense of comfort when they hear from the monarch regarding various issues, adding that she is a "beacon of stability." 

Continuing, she added that many may turn to the Queen in times of national crisis or celebration and that she is "as reliable as the clocks changing."

However, the Queen's recent response to the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus has resulted in a bit of criticism from royal watchers.

"There were a lot of people complaining that we did not hear from her sooner," Arbiter elaborated.

She then noted that the British royal's decision to wait a bit longer to address the current situation was likely a result of waiting to obtain advice from her government.

"Some have complained that it wasn’t televised but I think for what we needed right now given the situation her words were tremendously comforting," she concluded.

In addition to the recent step taken by the monarch regarding the spread of COVID-19, it was also reported that she herself had opted to take a new "safety measure" as a step in mitigating the spread.

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