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Who Is Queen Elizabeth’s Alleged Least Favorite Grandchild?

She has been the subject of reports about heartbreak ever since news broke that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were planning to take a step back from royal life.

However, while they may be the ones who have been causing her recent stress, it is believed that one of her other grandchildren isn’t as well-liked by Queen Elizabeth as the rest.

According to Express UK, while Prince Harry, Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall are all generally considered in the running as being among the monarch’s favorite grandkids, surprisingly, Prince William, who will rule as King after his father, Prince Charles.

Isn't. In fact, because he has such a high ranking in the line of succession and is one of her more direct heirs, it affects the pair’s relationship.

The relationship is one that seems more like “half family and half business” according to Melanie Bromley and reflects the same kind of relationship she reportedly has with Charles. While there is affection in those relationships, the business-side can overshadow it.

Regardless of how she feels about Prince William or anyone else though, the Queen has certainly been dealing with the drama that was caused by Prince Harry and Markle’s bombshell announcement in early January.

In fact, following the emergency summit in Sandringham to figure out what the couple’s new roles would be, her Majesty released a statement that many saw as much more personal than any she had made in the past.

“Following many months of conversations and more recent discussions, I am pleased that together we have found a constructive and supportive way forward for my grandson and his family.

Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much-loved members of my family,” she said. “I recognise the challenges they have experienced as a result of intense scrutiny over the last two years and support their wish for a more independent life.”

“I want to thank them for all their dedicated work across this country, the Commonwealth and beyond, and am particularly proud of how Meghan has so quickly become one of the family,” she continued.

“It is my whole family’s hope that today’s agreement allows them to start building a happy and peaceful new life.”

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