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Queen’s Heartache – PR Firm Cannot Help Andrew Image – Permanently RETIRED From Public Life!

If 1992 was a horrible year for Queen Elizabeth, what is 2020 in her mind? Like most of the world, she would like no doubt to erase this quarantine year from memory, wipe it off the books, take the loss and look forward to 2021.

Except that she will still have the same family members as before, no trade-ins on those. The same relatives asking for handouts, birthing fresh scandals, and keeping the media busy.

For those keeping track, and the list is long, her son with the soiled reputation aka Prince Andrew has reportedly been officially mothballed, his temporary banishment made permanent.

The palace has endured all the embarrassment it can from him apparently, and now it’s time to make his public time-out permanent. Yes, it would seem that Andrew has been a very bad boy.

Andrew must reportedly retire from public life

In a blistering review of Andrew’s sordid antics, The Sunday Times reports that The Firm has, “no plans to review,” Prince Andrew’s semi-retirement from public life, a decision made after a string of bad, regrettable moves on his part.

Last year it was necessary to have him step back from his duties as a senior royal, “for the foreseeable future.”

It looks like the future is now and he’s not in it.

Andrew cavorted with a convicted pedophile then tried to explain making it worse

In November Andrew made the now obviously regrettable decision to try and explain why he was so often in the company of the late, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, whose rap sheet and reputation are seedy as a pomegranate.

He agreed to an interview with the BBC’s Emily Maitlis in November and came out looking like a buffoon in the court of public opinion.

It went downhill from there according to The Sunday Times, who claim sources have branded him a, “busted flush,” with a “toxic” presence.

Andrew has accrued controversy after controversy

The BBC interview, undertaken for the sole purpose of Andrew clearing his name and setting the record straight, was widely described as a train wreck.

In it he denied the allegations, which the FBI wants to talk to him about, that he had sex with a minor, 17-year-old Virginia Roberts, multiple times.

Viewers were left with the sense that he showed zero remorse for cavorting with the pedophile Epstein. For days after Andrew triggered calamitous headlines and his own words served to cause multiple businesses and charities to kick him to the curb.

What’s next for Andrew?

In March, Andrew hired PR expert Mark Gallagher, also known as, “the backroom fixer,” to clean up his image. Gallagher might want to cash his check now, or request payment in cash, as Andrew is being sued for refusing to pay for a chalet he “bought.”

Although today US magazine Air Mail reported that Andrew’s mom, 94-year old Queen Elizabeth, is hastily forking over £6.7million to erase Andrew’s debt lest he is subjected to having to face the consequences of his actions in court.

Then again, if Gallagher is a glutton for the punishment he will happily dig right into the prince’s pile, since this month he was also accused of signing off on an “unauthorized trustee benefit,” after giving £355,297 to his private secretary, Amanda Thirsk.

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