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Recent job listing at 343 Industries hints new ‘Halo’ projects

The recent job listing by 343 Industries led to a mass assumption that the devs are looking into new Halo projects.

It seems like the game developers behind Microsoft‘s famed game title Halo is looking to hire more people—for a new Halo project perhaps?

Currently, as noted by GameSpot, 343 Industries is hard at work with Halo Infinite and Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the PC platform. This is why other online publications suggest that the job listing for a team to work on a new project under the same game franchise for Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation game console, Xbox Series X.

What are the positions available?

The job listing was pointed out by YouTube content creator Rand al Thor 19. He mentions that Microsoft is on the lookout for a new Senior Producer to work on new projects in their Halo universe.

According to the official website of Microsoft, the job opening was posted on June 3 and here’s what the tech giant is looking for:

343 Industries is looking for a Senior Producer to work with our Core Services team to help develop a new project in the Halo universe. This is your chance to work on one of the most exciting and creative intellectual properties in the industry with one of the industry's most talented teams. 

The content creator further discussed that 343 Industries probably has around 600-700 employees, with much of them assigned to the upcoming Halo Infinite game title. Once the anticipated title is launched, most of its workforce will reportedly be distributed to other new projects while others remain to maintain the game post-launch.

GameSpot then highlights that there were other positions offered to actually work on Halo Infinite. The mass staffing is said to come with no surprise as the Halo franchise is one of Microsoft’s “crown jewels.”

Therefore, constant development is always expected in the Halo universe.

What could the next project be?

This is where the details become scarce, as the job opening was very general, highlighting “new project in the Halo universe.” Of course, this paved the way for the online community to pitch in their theories, which eventually leads to waves of rumors.

According to Tom’s Guide, this job opening could mean that Halo Infinite is not the only Halo title that’ll arrive on Xbox Series X. The media outlet suggests that the “new project” might be a “real-time strategy game like the Halo Wars series.”

Meanwhile, other media outlets suggest a possible follow up to Halo Infinite.


Featured image courtesy of Halo/Twitter

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