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RocketPunch Games’ tough-as-steel, ‘Hardcore Mecha’, coming to Nintendo Switch

Harcore Mecha, RocketPunch Games' award-winning action shooting game involving "chibi" machines is making its way to the Nintendo Switch on October 2020 at exactly a year after release on the PC and PlayStation 4.

Japan and other Asian territories will get a physical release of Hardcore Mecha while the rest of the world gets the digital version. As of writing, there is no information on whether physical releases will be made outside of Asia.

Not Your Average Mech Game

As an indie title, Hardcore Mecha has positive reception, with it being a recipient of a handful of accolades and rewards. The most notable of which is the PlayStation Awards 2019’s Indies & Developer Award.

Hardcore Mecha is a fast-paced 2D action game set in the world of fighting machines. Players can select from a number of available mechs, each of which with its own pros and cons. Some mechs are swift, ideal for making multiple strikes on opposing elements, while others are slow but offer devastatingly powerful attacks.

Inevitably a game designed with "mecha-philic" audiences in mind, the game features a lot of machines. Amassing as many as 50 unique types as opponents, not including the players can choose to control. Common opponents are typically on the small and medium sizes, while bosses tend to be gargantuan in breadth.

Other times, players simply encounter puny human soldiers as enemies, making for easy targets. Alternatively, certain parts of the game will also force the player to go flesh to flesh against opponents, adding a unique perspective.

Quality of Japanese Presentation

The gameplay is also further enhanced by a stellar Japanese anime style presentation and unique storyline, fueled by great voice actors. If you've not seen a mecha anime before, this will become your initial introduction to Japanese's over-the-top voice acting.

There is a total of 8 chapters in the game, in general, which subdivides to an overall 18 levels. Each level offers a diverse set of machines that offer fluid dynamics for the player to overcome.

Making the completion of each stage an attainable feat, the game incorporates a customization mechanics, such as weapons and mods. Players can, therefore, choose to configure their chosen machine in a way they see fit and even experiment to see which build works best.

Players can choose to play the game solo by going through the game's main campaign. Or they can choose to play with others via local co-op or online with PVP battles.

Image used courtesy of LimitedGamesNews/YouTube Screenshot

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