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Selena Gomez Has An Acne-Prone Skin & Her Hack To Pimples During Photoshoot Is PHOTOSHOP!

Selena Gomez is beauty with brains and there’s no doubt to it. She makes some amazing music, be it her song Rare, Boyfriend or Look At You Now. However, what we love about the beauty is her honesty.

Sel has time and again embraced inner beauty through her songs like Who Says and Fetish. But it is her skincare tips that we’ve got our eyes on now.

Celebrities have often been an inspiration as far as beauty and styling goes. We often want to know the products they use, the home remedies they follow.

Of course, who wouldn’t want such luminous skin? Talking about Selena Gomez, the pop singer opened up about having breakouts. But what does she do when it’s the time of great events, like a photo shoot or a red carpet?

The Rare Beauty owner opened up about it all during an interview with Elle in 2016. Asked if she does anything to troubleshoot when she breakouts a day before her big day, Selena Gomez answered, “Nope because life is life.

If it’s a photoshoot, I’m probably luckier because Photoshop, and if it’s a close up, I have to have makeup, and I just kind of do it. You can’t really fight it. I think there are things that I could do or procedures for sure, but I just don’t. I think that’s gonna happen.”

Now you know why we love Selena Gomez? It’s her honesty above everything. A lot of celebs would often refrain from confessing to using photoshop for their shoots. But we need more such personalities without a doubt.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez has been spending a lot of time focussing on her cosmetic brand, Rare Beauty, amid lockdown. She is also working on music, and we can’t wait for her new tracks.

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