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Sony finally gives PlayStation 5 the grand reveal it deserves

With fans eagerly hanging on Sony’s every word, the tech giant finally unveils the next-generation PlayStation 5 after teasing gamers for months.

Sony threw fans a bone a few months ago by showing off the PlayStation 5 (PS5) DualSense wireless controller, along with some information as to what makes it so special.

As gamers fawned over its sleek features and its departure from the PlayStation’s trademark DualShock design, one couldn’t help but wonder what the console would look like.

After two long months of imagining, Sony finally gave the world a good look at the PlayStation 5, using their gaming event as a lead-up to the grand reveal.

The PlayStation 5

As most people would have guessed, Sony’s upcoming console adopts the same black and white color scheme as its controller, while sporting a similar bluish glow.

Similar to the next-gen Xbox Series X, the PlayStation 5 also sort of looks like a PC case, which seems to be the trend these days.

While Microsoft’s console took more of a minimalistic approach, with the Series X basically being a black cuboid, Sony went the more eccentric route and opted to give the PS5 a slightly futuristic, almost alien design.

The PlayStation 5 will be available in 2 variants, one featuring a disc drive and the other without. Sony’s calling the disc-less variant the Digital Edition, which will look near-identical to the standard version though noticeably slimmer and minus the disc bay.

Although the console looks like it exclusively stands upright on account of its slight curvature, it has been confirmed that the PS5 can also be placed horizontally.

Sony held back on details regarding the console’s release date and price, promising more news about that in the near future.

Notable titles from the reveal event

While the PlayStation 5’s unveiling definitely stole the show and will likely be the event’s lasting impression, Sony’s reveal stream also announced some of the most eagerly-anticipated and long-speculated games of the past few years.

Capcom had some big news in-store for its fans with its monster Resident Evil 8: Village reveal. Renowned Resident Evil and Silent Hill insider Dusk Golem had been spreading rumors about the title for some time now, and it seems his info was right on the money.

Guerrilla Games also finally confirmed a sequel that gamers have been pining over for years now. Horizon: Forbidden West will be the follow up to one of 2017’s greatest games Horizon Zero Dawn and will feature the return of its female protagonist Aloy.

The future’s looking bright for Sony and the PlayStation 5.

Featured image courtesy of PlayStation

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