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The Stars Are Aligning For A Meghan Markle Pregnancy Announcement

Voodoo and the magic of true love’s passion might be hitting Meghan Markle this coming December according to astrological reports. Fans who have been keeping up with the cackling and prophecies of the royal astrologer, Debbie Frank, know that Meghan’s baby-making days aren’t over yet.

Soothsayers and fortune-tellers may not be everyone’s cup of Earl Gray, but for those who can’t go a day without a glance at their horoscope, the predictions regarding Meghan’s new bun in the oven might just be a bit exciting!

Interestingly, while it’s reported that the British royal family doesn’t have an official astrologer (that kind of went out of fashion at Buckingham Palace a long time ago), Princess Diana on the other hand had her own. That person was and is Debbie Frank. Ms. Frank is incredibly well known. In fact, fans of Princess Diana know that Ms. Frank has been making predictions since 1984.

Apparently, Ms. Frank and Princess Diana met one another in 1989 and reportedly were fast friends until Diana died in 1997. Unfortunately, Ms. Frank’s sorceress’s ways and devotion to the stars couldn’t help her conjure up a way for Diana to remain safe, or given her clairvoyance enough to help Diana avoid her untimely demise.

That hasn’t stopped Ms. Frank from dishing on her premonitions or foreshadowing the future of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

Of course, some fans who are just a bit less into the supernatural suggest that Ms. Frank just might be capitalizing on all the speculation, in which tabloids have been engaging. Of course, Meghan and Harry might have another child in the near future!

According to many reports, Harry and Meghan are devoted to building their family. In fact, their small family is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s number one priority.

If Meghan wants another kid, well … without being crass, we all know how babies are made. The only issue is whether things are right for Harry and Meghan in terms of their own personal criteria for having another child.

Many couples don’t like to wait years and years between kids and Meghan and Harry may have similar beliefs. They may believe that it will be good for Archie to have a baby brother or sister who will be close in age. Children who are close in age are usually closer together emotionally and end up as friends.

Just consider Prince William and Prince Harry who are only two years apart and who are well known to be as close as brothers can get. It’s likely that Harry and Meghan want that same kind of great relationship for Archie.

The bottom line here is that many believe another baby is in the cards for Harry and Meghan regardless of what goes on in outer space. For the believers though, it’s a surety that the stars are aligning and the baby-making season will soon be upon the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

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