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Thomas Markle Reportedly Upset With Prince Harry For Not Doing This

Meghan Markle’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. recently revealed that their dad is still upset with Prince Harry.

While speaking with New Idea, Thomas Jr. said that Thomas Markle Sr. is upset at the Duke of Sussex for not following convention before he married the “Suits” alum.

“My dad has always been upset that Harry never asked him formally for his daughter’s hand in marriage,” he said.

Thomas Jr. also talked about the lawsuit that Prince Harry and Markle filed against the Associated Press and the Mail on Sunday. Both publications published photos of Markle’s private and handwritten letters to her dad from years ago.

Markle’s half-brother is convinced that their dad will win the case since he reportedly has all his documents in order. Thomas Jr. said that his dad is ready to go, and he’s also calm and collected.

Prince Harry’s wife has not spoken to her dad in two years. During his previous interviews, the 75-year-old claimed that he has never received a response from the Sussexes every time he tries to reach out to her.

But the royal couple’s text messages to the former lighting director revealed otherwise. In the text messages sent to Thomas Sr., Prince Harry urged his father-in-law to not talk to the press.

The Duke of Sussex also asked Thomas Sr. to pick up his call multiple times. Markle’s text messages to her dad also revealed how concerned she was when she found out that he suffered from a stroke.

Markle even told her dad that she would send Prince Harry’s security team to Thomas Sr.’s home so that they could check on him.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that Markle’s half-brother has spoken negatively about Prince Harry and Markle. In January, he predicted that the royal couple would eventually divorce.

During an interview with New Idea, Thomas Jr. said that he wouldn’t be surprised to hear a divorce announcement from Prince Harry and Markle. After all, he knows that his half-sister has a tendency to use people.

“I knew this was going to happen and I hope that they actually have a mutually loving relationship. I know Harry loves her so I hope it’s mutual. You know, she has a track record of using people to get to higher places and then just leaving them so I just hope it really works out with Harry and she doesn’t break his heart,” he said.

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