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‘Tom and Jerry’ live-action film postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19

Warner Bros. has decided to reschedule the Tom and Jerry live-action film. It will now hit the big screen by March of 2021. 

The global health threat caused by the coronavirus pandemic has created a mess for the entertainment industry. Some studios are canceling theatrical releases and opting to premiere titles on digital platforms. 

Meanwhile, other companies are tweaking release schedules, postponing upcoming titles for this year to next year. For one, one of the giants in the film industry, Warner Bros. Pictures has decided to delay some of its noteworthy projects. The company has recently announced their decision to move a wide array of movies to later dates.

Warner Bros. postpones Tom and Jerry live-action film

The Tom and Jerry live-action film was one of the many forthcoming titles with its premiere schedule reshuffled. Instead of dropping on December 23, 2020 as a holiday release, the movie will now hit theaters in March of 2021. 

The upcoming title will mark the second theatrically released film for the franchise since the release of Tom and Jerry: The Movie in 1992. The hybrid live-action appointed Tim Story as the director. Moreover, the script includes the work of Craig Wright, Katie Silberman, April Prosser, and Kevin Costello.

Tom and Jerry live-action plot

The Tom and Jerry live-action movie follows the story of Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse after getting kicked out of their home. As a result, they relocated to a fancy New York hotel where they met Kayla, a scrappy hotel employee. 

In order to keep her job, Kayla enlists the help of Tom to rid the establishment of the scampering and mischievous mouse, Jerry. The two must complete the task before a highly-anticipated luxurious wedding.

Cast and updates

The forthcoming Tom and Jerry movie is packed with prominent stars. The list includes Chloe Grace Moretz (Kayla), Michael Pena (Terrance), Ken Jeong (Jackie), Rob Delaney (Dubros), Jordan Bolger (Cameron), and Pallavi Sharda (Preta). 

Earlier this year, Michael Pena revealed some exciting details about the forthcoming Tom and Jerry installment. He told The Hollywood Reporter:

"There's a certain freedom that you want, especially for that kind of family movie. And sometimes, you don't want that freedom. You want there to be a little bit of an edge and a little bit of tension. You can definitely sense that."

The actor further heaped praises for co-star Chloe Moretz and director Tim Story.

Tom and Jerry Franchise

Tom and Jerry began life as a series of long-running shorts created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in 1940. The Metro Goldwyn Mayer-produced show centers on a love-hate relationship between the title characters Tom, a cat, and Jerry, a mouse. 

Aside from the two movies, the franchise has made a number of spin-offs. This includes the television series The Tom and Jerry Show (1975), The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show (1980–1982), Tom & Jerry Kids (1990–1993), Tom and Jerry Tales (2006–2008), and The Tom and Jerry Show (2014–present).

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