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Truth About Demi Moore’s Love Life From Bruce Willis To Brad Pitt

Demi Moore’s past high-profile romantic relationships have frequently put her personal life in the spotlight. Even more frequently, though, are the wild tabloid theories about what she’s not saying to the public, like one entirely absurd story about her and tabloid fixture Brad Pitt getting together over “sensual” yoga sessions. Here are four more of the silliest rumors Gossip Cop has debunked in recent years about the actress’ dating life.

Her Alleged Romance With Ed Helms 

It’s a staple of tabloid media to just pair up any man and woman who happen to work together or even just be spotted standing next to each other.

As such, it wasn’t exactly a surprise to us in July 2018 when the National Enquirer reported that Moore and Ed Helms had begun dating after hitting it off on the set of Corporate Animals, a film they had recently co-starred in together. The story could have been more false: spokespeople for both Helms and Moore assure Gossip Cop that the actors were not dating.

Her Supposed Love Triangle With Sienna Miller and Robert Pattinson 

Things got even sillier the following month when NW published a report that Moore was in a love triangle with Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller.

Moore, another alleged insider told the tabloid, was “on the lookout for a new boy toy,” and Pattinson was at the “top of her wish list.” But, as Gossip Cop pointed out, it had been nearly a year since Moore and Pattinson both attended the premiere of Good Time in 2017, and they hadn’t been connected before or since.

Tom Cruise’s Indecent Proposal 

In October of last year, NW returned with yet another phony claim from a phony source, this time about Tom Cruise supposedly begging Moore to be his “Scientology bride,” an offer the so-called insider thought she just might take up.

“The word among the church is that Demi is days away from signing,” the supposed source said. Gossip Cop, on the other hand, was told by our own source close to the situation that the tabloid’s claim was completely false. Scientology is such an easy target for tabloid articles that Cruise is seemingly finding a new Scientology bride every other week.

The Bruce Willis Quarantine Reunion Theory 

Our final tabloid offering comes once again from NW. Moore and her ex-husband have been quarantining together at Moore’s home in Idaho along with their three daughters and the girls’ boyfriends. That quarantine plan had originally included Willis’ wife, Emma Heming, and their own daughter, but due to a medical emergency they weren’t able to come.

But that, clearly, isn’t exciting enough for this tabloid, which in April claimed that Moore was secretly scheming to win Willis back while they quarantined without Heming. Moore was “finding her old feelings for him reawakening,” a source said, suggesting that Heming feared a potential infidelity and was only acting like she was “okay” that she wasn’t there with them. 

Gossip Cop dismissed the story: not only did Moore’s spokesperson tell us it was “nonsense,” but Moore and Willis have remained good friends since their divorce. Moore even went to Willis and Heming’s ten-year anniversary celebration the previous year. The idea that there’s unresolved feelings between the two actor that could bubble up at any minute is just preposterous.

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