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Truth about Miranda Lambert’s Husband Adjusting To The Country Life

Just a month after claiming that Miranda Lambert’s husband, former New York City police officer Brendan McLoughlin, was struggling to adapt to the country life in Tennessee, one tabloid has done an abrupt turnaround. Now the outlet is gushing about how utterly charming the couple’s homebase is. This is yet another tactic gossip rags use to cover as much ground, and their own rears, as possible. 

In May, OK! reported that McLoughlin was feeling a bit like a fish out of water in Lambert’s 400-acre Primm Springs, Tennessee estate. A suspicious source spoke with the outlet, tattling, “The country lifestyle has been a total culture shock for him.” What’s been the hardest for McLoughlin to adjust to, the source insisted, was caring for Lambert’s many animals, many of whom were rescues.

“Brendan said that growing up in New York City, wildlife to him was rats, pigeons, and squirrels,” the so-called “source” explained, “so caring for her menagerie of critters is taking a lot of getting used to.” It should be noted that the most exotic animal Lambert owns is a mini-horse. That’s not exactly “wildlife.”

Though he’s been game to learn more about the ins and outs of caring for animals, Lambert’s husband has a long way to go before he’s fully comfortable in his new world. “Brendan’s kind of learning as he goes,” added the source, “though it still unnerves him when Miranda sticks a bunny in his arms and it starts fidgeting.” Hold on.

Are we expected to believe that a man, who used to be a cop in one of the biggest cities in the world, is “unnerved” by holding a bunny? The outlet argued that while McLoughlin might still be “a bit skittish” because the former police officer “just hasn’t been around a big brood of animals before,” and Lambert was “determined” to make him feel at home around them.

In the tabloid’s latest issue, McLoughlin’s supposed “skittish” nature isn’t mentioned at all. Instead, the outlet lavishes praise on Lambert’s home, describing it as “picturesque” and “impressive.” Lambert’s many animals are mentioned again, but in a much more positive light.

There’s even a photo of McLoughlin laughing as he pets a dog, with a text insert reading, “The singer snapped a photo of her hubby…‘laughing at the number of dogs we have [after trying to] find somewhere to sit.’” That doesn’t look like the face of a man “unnerved” by holding a rabbit.

Speaking of the couple’s animals, that “menagerie” the outlet mentioned is actually a handful of rescue dogs and cats, a mini horse named Sugar Pie, two bunnies, and a chicken coop. Though that is a large number of animals, it’s by no means as unusual a collection as the outlet’s trying to make it out to be.

Lambert’s home is essentially a farm — a very large and lavish farm, but a farm nonetheless — so the presence of animals isn’t all that outlandish. Though the tabloid claimed that Brendan McLoughlin’s city slicker background meant he didn’t have much experience with animals, he’s probably run across a few cats and dogs, even in New York City.

In the end, OK! was simply taking advantage of people’s interest in Lambert and her marriage to McLoughlin in order to sell their paper. Is Lambert’s husband uncomfortable in the country? Perhaps, but this outlet using an unknown source and making bizarre and ridiculous statements about how McLoughlin views the animals is a sign that the tabloid doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

This is a tactic tabloids use again and again. These kinds of outlets count on the fact that casual readers won’t read every issue or remember that the outlet had published a contradictory article only one month earlier. The memories of the staff working for these tabloids must be short, but Gossip Cop always remembers.

Miranda Lambert has been a tabloid fixture ever since her divorce from Blake Shelton. Two years ago, OK! reported that Lambert had secretly married Evan Felker because she was pregnant with his baby. Of course this story wasn’t true. Lambert was not pregnant and she and Felker had actually just broken up a week before.

Last summer, that same outlet claimed that Lambert refused to play the same concert as her ex-husband, Blake Shelton. Gossip Cop discovered that it was nearly impossible for Lambert to be able to play that particular concert and checked in with a source close to the situation who confirmed that Lambert didn’t “refuse” to participate in the concert on account of Shelton. Tabloids can always be counted on to get stories about celebrities wrong.

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