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What Happened To Tim McGraw And Faith Hill’s Divorce And Battle Over Fortune?

Last year, a tabloid claimed that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were gearing up for a nasty divorce and fight over their fortune. Gossip Cop corrected the bogus story when it came out. Given the fact that the country stars have stood the test of time and countless incorrect rumors about their marriage, it’s almost funny to look at the story 365 days later.

Last summer, the Globe boldly, yet foolishly, claimed that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were preparing for a nasty divorce and battle over their $165 million fortune. The tabloid alleged that Hill was meeting with lawyers to try and find ways to “safely” get out of the marriage while keeping her money protected.

A supposed source told the outlet, “Faith was burned in her first divorce [from ex-husband Daniel Hill] and she has no intention of letting that happen again.” The alleged insider continued, “There's too much at stake this time. With things as bad as they are between Faith and Tim, she's instructed her lawyers to make sure she walks away with more than her share."

To make the story more dramatic, the outlet maintained that friends of the couple knew the country couple would be divorced because they had been apparently living separate lives for months. “Their inner circle believes they're just waiting for their daughters — Gracie, 22, Maggie, 20, and Audrey, 17 — to move out before they pull the plug. And this time Faith and her lawyers will be ready to walk away with a huge stack of cash,” the unnamed tipster continued.

We’re not sure if the tabloid was just full of it or if this mysterious insider was jealous of the couple’s relationship. How could the couple’s “inside circle” leak such insensitive information? Nonetheless, the story and information weren't true. For starters, it’s been a year since this story came out, and the country stars are still together.

Also, the timing of the story was poor, as Hill had just posted a sweet tribute to her husband for Father’s Day when the article came out. Additionally, Gossip Cop has spent too much time correcting the narrative that McGraw and Hill are having marital problems.

Earlier this year, we corrected the Globe for claiming that Tim McGraw walked out on Faith Hill. The unreliable tabloid alleged that the couple was living separate lives following McGraw’s decision to leave Sony Music.

The story also maintained Hill’s career depended on McGraw and the singer "wanted to keep tabs" on her husband so he wouldn't "plunge back into his partying past. After investigating the article, we found it to be untrue.

Last year, we busted the Globe’s sister publication OK! for falsely reporting that Hill and McGraw were divorcing after years of “fighting, secrets, and lies.”

It seems like the tabloids love to run with the theme of McGraw and Hill having “secrets and lies” between them but never have any actual evidence to support these claims. Gossip Cop looked into the suspicious story and found it to be as inaccurate as the rest of them.

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