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What We Know About Justin Bieber’s Rumored Career Moves

Justin Bieber attained an insane amount of success early in his life, which has caused unending speculation about what the future holds for the 26-year-old singer.

Multiple tabloids have made their best guess at what Bieber has in store, though of course they report these guesses as absolute facts. Gossip Cop dug up our best busts on the subject to double check our judgement and see if any of these predictions actually came to pass.

Having already conquered the musical world, US Weekly claimed the Canada-born Bieber asked Adam Sandler and David Spade for advice on how to break into the acting world.

A suspicious source told the outlet, “Justin Bieber asked Adam Sandler and David Spade out to dinner to pick their brains about breaking into the film industry.”

The gossip magazine’s supposed snitch continued, “They had a great time! Justin had a lot of questions for them about the movie world,” adding, “He is trying to educate himself about the industry and learn more about it. He wants to break into acting and directing/producing.” 

Gossip Cop wisely pointed out that though this supposed tipster had so much information about this dinner, they pointedly avoided sharing any of the so-called advice that was allegedly given by the comedy giants. That’s because, we discovered, this story was entirely false.

Sandler himself corrected the rumor after he was asked about it during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. He and Spade did have dinner with the young singer, though he denied providing Bieber with any sort of acting advice.

“I don’t know who said that, but that’s some weird story that they made up,” Sandler bluntly said. “That’s not it at all. We just hung out. We just wanted to go to dinner, me and David Spade and Dustin [Hoffman], and Dustin said no, he ran away, so it was just me and David.” Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

In January of this year, the National Enquirer reported that Justin Bieber was scared his newly diagnosed Lyme disease would end his career. “He knows how it ravaged other singers, and he’s afraid,” a supposed source told the often debunked publication.

The outlet briefly mentions other performers who suffered from the disease, including Kris Kristofferson and Shania Twain, and the strong effects the disease had on them.

Of course, none of this was true. The outlet simply twisted Bieber’s own words against him. The pop star had uploaded a post to Instagram announcing his diagnosis, but he was not nearly as doom and gloom as this outlet made him out to be.

“It’s been a rough couple years,” Bieber wrote in the caption, “but [I’m] getting the right treatment that will help treat this so far incurable disease and I will be back and better than ever.” Far from being paralyzed by fear, Bieber seemed reinvigorated at finally having the answer to the medical mystery that had been plaguing him for a long time.


According to the celebrity “news” site, Naughty Gossip, Bieber would soon be hitting the road to tour with Kanye West, as soon as the rapper dropped pastor Joel Osteen from the pair’s joint tour.

West was allegedly planning on going on tour with the televangelist, but the two “divas” just couldn’t reconcile their differences. This led, an anonymous source insisted, to West swapping out Olsteen for Bieber.

First, West and Osteen were never going on tour together. Osteen was touring with his wife, and West was supposed to join him in May when the pastor stopped at Yankee Stadium. Second, there has been zero verified accounts of any tension between Osteen and West.

In fact, Osteen described West as “very genuine” and a “fantastic person” during an interview with Good Morning America in December.

Finally, Bieber couldn’t have gone on tour with West even if the rapper had asked him, as he had his own tour, Changes, in May.

In the time since Gossip Cop originally busted this story, the global coronavirus pandemic has put a pause on large gatherings, so the whole thing would have been cancelled anyway, if it was ever real, which it wasn’t.

Just two months ago, Gossip Cop debunked a tale from National Enquirer that claimed Bieber’s lackluster popularity had him struggling to sell tickets to his Changes tour.

After shooting to stardom as a teen pop sensation, Bieber was struggling to find success as an adult artist, the outlet asserted.

“Nobody can blame him after he gave his teen years for his pop career, but it looks like it’s come at the sacrifice of his popularity as an adult,” a so-called “insider” explained, before they added, “The music industry is a tough place!” The insider is right about that, but not much else.

There was a larger explanation for Bieber’s lackluster ticket sales: coronavirus. The global pandemic caused cancellations of most large gatherings, which include concerts. 

Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to Bieber, who confirmed our hunch. These tabloids have no idea what Bieber has in store for his career, not that this fact will stop them from writing about the pop star.

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