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Why review scores of ‘The Last of Us 2’ should be taken lightly

The review embargo for The Last of Us 2 was lifted a few days ago, and the reviews on the game are pouring in. From the look of things, it seems like Naughty Dog has created its best masterpiece yet, but not everyone is convinced that the game is what it’s made out to be.

The Last of Us 2 is currently the best-reviewed game of the year. However, after the game’s major plot points have been leaked, many players are concerned that a huge chunk of the game is being spared from the review. This leads many to believe that the review scores of the game are not as reliable as they are thought out to be.

Second half of the game not being considered?

Although reviewers are free to comment on the game after the embargo has been lifted, there are strict restrictions as to what they can talk about. For the sequel, reviewers are limited to talking about the second half of the game and are only allowed to use video footage from three scenes in the game.

This is crucial as, during the height of the game’s leaks, the fan-base of  The Last of Us was outraged at the alleged events to take place in the game. This means that whatever the reviewers liked or disliked during the last 12 hours of the game can only be discussed vaguely.

Naughty Dog did say before that “not all are it seems” regarding The Last of Us 2 leaks, but it seems like the leaked plot points were true after all.

Violence is too much for 30 hours

The first game was already cutthroat and brutal, but the sequel seems to take things up another notch. Most of the reviewers note that the game was very violent at times, and the acts that the characters had to do were hard to swallow.

Moreover, the story is severely bleak, making everything harder to take. While the first game was dark, there were some light moments between Joel and Ellie still. However, it seems like the sequel is gearing towards an even darker path.

The Last of Us 2 could end up being one of 2020’s most controversial titles if the reviews aren’t exactly what they seem. Fans can only hope and wait in anticipation to see whether or not Naughty Dog was able to surpass the bar set by the first game.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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