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Will Prince Andrew Face the Music in Jeffrey Epstein Series ‘Filthy Rich’?

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein were friends.

This is an undeniable fact.

And although the Duke of York vehemently denies it, he enjoyed the “perks” of this friendship, including the procurement of teenage girls.

Prince Andrew Will Have A Lot To Answer For After Filthy Rich

The Netflix docuseries Filthy Rich is set for release on May 27th — Memorial Day, fittingly enough — and will focus on the disgraced financier’s final days.

And, yes, Prince Andrew does indeed make an appearance in the docuseries. He’s seen in an old photo with his arm around Virginia Roberts Giuffre when she was just 17 years old.

As Giuffre has frequently recounted — and recounts again in Filthy Rich — this photo with the Duke of York was taken on the night Epstein “ordered” her to have sex with him.

Andrew has repeatedly denied Giuffre’s accusations. However, it’s worth noting that he stepped back from his royal duties in November of 2019. And, just a week ago, he was sued for $13 million concerning a real estate matter.

But these stories remain, by and large, buried or otherwise not discussed.

So the question begs itself: why is Prince Andrew escaping scrutiny for this disgraceful association when other royals are taken to task for far less serious transgressions?

Has He Been Punished?

Some would argue that Prince Andrew has, indeed, been punished for his transgressions with Epstein. Certainly, his removal — or withdrawal — from public duty hasn’t done him any favors.

But has he been punished enough?

Definitely not.

Spencer Kuvin, who represents many of the alleged victims in the Epstein case, said that it wasn’t just Prince Andrew that failed the victims, but the British royal family as a whole.

It was depressing that he really did not acknowledge the breadth of his friendship with this despicable man and apologize. The mere fact that he was friends with a convicted sex offender and chose to continue his relationship with him – it just shows a lack of acknowledgement of the breadth of what this man [Epstein] did to these girls.

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