William, Kate Went ‘Missing’ After Playing Bingo, Holding Zoom Meetings

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been very busy throughout the past couple of weeks. Even though they are still self-isolating at Anmer Hall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue to hold and attend meetings via Zoom.

Last month, the royal couple also hosted a bingo with the residents of a nursing home. The hilarious game showed royal fans another side to Prince William and Middleton that they don’t normally see.

But after a series of online engagements since April, Prince William and Middleton went silent for an entire week. On the Royal Rota podcast, ITV News royal editor Chris Ship and producer Lizzie Robinson weighed in on the royal couple’s absence.

Ship noted the fact that the public hasn’t heard anything from Prince William and Middleton in a week. He said that there was a bit of a blank from the royal couple since they went missing.

He also said that there hasn’t been any contribution from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. And they haven’t organized Zoom calls with other people.

Robinson reminded Ship that it’s the half-term break. This means that Prince William, Middleton, and the other members of the royal family usually go quiet during this time.

Ship and Robinson also talked about Prince William and Middleton’s plans for their two older children, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte.

There are reports suggesting that the royal couple might not send their two kids back to school. Instead, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will both be homeschooled.

Robinson said that there’s been a bit of debate when it comes to Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s education. After all, English is already allowing certain age groups to go back to school.

But sources claimed that Prince William and Middleton want their children to be homeschooled together instead of one of them going to school and the other one staying at home.

Meanwhile, Middleton also made headlines this week amid claims that she has been preparing for her future role as queen consort since she was little.

While speaking with Express, Tassomai Murray Morrison said that Middleton’s education at Marlborough College and the Down House School has helped her become more adaptable.

Morrison also said that one of the crucial skills instilled in the students at the schools is their ability to make those around them feel comfortable.

Since the Duchess of Cambridge joined the royal family in 2011, she has reportedly adapted into her role. She has also become more confident in her position.

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