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Prince William Proposed To Another Girl Before Kate Middleton Engagement: Report

Prince William reportedly proposed to another girl way before he met Kate Middleton at the University of St. Andrews.

In the book “William’s Princess,” royal author Robert Jobson revealed that when the Duke of Cambridge was just 7 years old, he already had his first serious romance.

Prince William was reportedly so besotted with Anna McCart that he proposed to her. The two first met while Prince William was vacationing in Balmoral with the royal family.

The Duke of Cambridge saw McCart for the first time while he was horseback riding with Prince Harry. The source said that Prince William was immediately smitten after looking at the blue-eyed beauty. They exchanged hellos and the dad of three was dumbstruck. 

One of the workers at Balmoral estate said that Prince William almost fell off his pony when he saw McCart. And after their first meeting, the two became inseparable.

Within a week, Prince William and McCart shared a kiss. The former also asked the latter if he could marry her. McCart just laughed, but Prince William promised the young girl one thing. 

“‘When I come back next year, I am going to marry you.' He told her earnestly: ‘My papa told me if you kiss a girl, you have to marry her.’ Anna took the proposal seriously and told other estate workers’ children that she was going to be a princess,” Jobson said.

The royal author described the adorable love story as charming. He also said that Prince William’s commitment to McCart showed that Prince Charles was already teaching his son how to behave towards women.

However, it is unclear if Prince William and McCart ever crossed paths again. After all, in 2010, the Duke of Cambridge got engaged to another woman. In 2011, he tied the knot with Middleton at Westminster Abbey.

Prior to their wedding, the couple’s engagement wasn’t as forthcoming as Prince William’s previous proposal to McCart. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge dated for 10 years before Prince William gathered up the courage to ask for Middleton’s hand in marriage.

The royal couple also split twice before they finally managed to walk down the aisle. But since their wedding, Prince William and Middleton’s marriage has been strong.

In fact, royal author Katie Nicholl told New Idea that Queen Elizabeth is most likely grateful to Prince William and Middleton because their relationship seems to be for keeps, and getting divorced will unlikely happen. 

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