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Zayn Malik’s sister welcomes first child

Zayn Malik's 17-year-old sister Safaa has welcomed a baby girl, Zaneyah, just four months after getting married. Safaa shared a picture of her new born baby, wrapped in a baby grow and hat, on social media.

In addition to her picture, she also shared her little girl's name and weight, 8lb 3oz. however, she covered her baby’s face with a heart emoji. The news comes months after she announced that she was expecting. Safaa previously celebrated her pregnancy with a gorgeous baby shower, which took place weeks after her wedding.

The teenager tied the knot with husband Martin Tiser in a traditional Nikkah ceremony in September with her family sharing glimpses of their big day on Instagram. Her sister Waliyha posted a series of photos and videos from the ceremony and in the caption wrote, “Congratulations to my beautiful baby sister and the best little brother in law on your Nikkah.

Love you.” Zayn was not seen in any of the wedding photos or videos. While it is not clear if the 26-year-old singer travelled back from the US to support his sister, his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid liked Waliyha’s Instagram post.


While many flooded her social media feed wishing the teenager a happy married life, Waliyha had to also defend her sister against some trolls. Instantly after the news of Safaa wedding went viral, various trolls suggested that she was too young to get married.

Hitting back at one of the trolls, Waliyha wrote “She’s 17 years old yes and ????? What’s wtf about it? It’s there life so please tell me why ur so concerned? Hasn’t ur own marriage worked or something (sic).”

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